Redwood One Enterprises sets its eyes on the out performing asset class of the twenty First century- “THE EMERGING MARKETS”.
WORLD TODAY is undergoing a transformation as great as the European voyages of Discovery of the 15th century and the 19th century Industrial Revolution- the two events that altered the Economic face of planet Earth forever. As Consumers of tomorrow in the Emerging markets join Grid, eat Protein, ride a wheel,build a community to live work,play and entertain themselves, the race to sell the modern conveniences and necessities of daily life to them is just beginning. Redwood One is the builder and developer of projects in emerging markets. Redwood One, does not participate in the Equity Bull run or bait the bear, follow any index ,or coin acronym, read any journal, magazine or watch any news channel. It does not look at the world from the eyes of the rating agencies or News anchors of the screen. It rather delves deep into culture,history and social, political, and economic system through painstaking research and attention to detail to discover an unfulfilled aggregate demand and conceives an evergreen project generating free cash flow. Redwood one is not the publisher of any research reports,or offer any armchair consultancy.The partners work the field and dig the ground and execute the projects themselves,rather than hired management to generate the real wealth.