Emerging markets are,where the economic growth lies for the rest of our lives,and there is nothing unusual about it. China and India had produced 60% of the world’s GDP every year in the last 3000 years, except for 180 years(1820-2000). It is these 180 years that are abnormal in numbers. Emerging market growth story is merely a reversion to a historical average rather than any new phenomenon. This is not to assume, that developed economies would be contracting, as there could be emerging Industrial and services sectors,as well as emerging geographic regions in OECD countries,that can grow above the average of whole nation,and There might be economies in the South, that are submerging,rather than emerging. Redwood One’s approach is not about predicting colossal boom or economic depression for any particular region , but rather participate in the above average rise of certain sectors and regions. Drawing on a vast business experience of its partners on all continents, The projects conceived by Redwood One beat the financial markets and modern indexes and are evergreen, environmentally friendly and socially responsible.